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Blake Shook, Board of Advisors

Blake Shook is a beekeeper extraordinaire and has been learning about these beauties for over twenty years. It all started with a love of the outdoors and a passion for starting his own business. As a pre-teen, he was living in rural Texas and had a passion for entrepreneurship. In 2002, an eager 12-year-old Blake, who had never been interested in bees, took advice from his parents and applied for a scholarship that gave kids all the tools they needed to start beekeeping. Never winning anything before, he was ecstatic when he won a beehive and classes to get his journey started! It only took two courses, and it was all love from there on out.

Blake built his first building from trees and lumber he cut from his parent's land and recycled metal. The effort was day and night building beehives and planning for the future. Around high school, he wanted to share his passion for bees with others and began selling honey to friends and family. There was a local health-food store in the area, Mike's, who became his first legitimate customer. John Talbert, a local, became Blake's mentor and hero and inspired him to begin his commercial beekeeping business.

At that point, Blake produced, labeled, and hand-delivered all of the honey he sold in his grandfather's 1988 Ford truck. His business was growing, and at 17, he became the president of the beekeeping club that gave him his first hive.

His company has grown immensely. He may not hand-deliver every jar of honey, but the passion remains. He serves on the National Honey Board to help promote honey in the USA and the American Beekeeping Federation to help promote beekeeping. He also has two beekeeping supply companies, Texas Bee Supply, and Commercial Bee Supply, a bulk bee business, Desert Creek Bulk Bees, a honey packing business, Desert Creek Honey an almond pollination, Desert Creek Pollination.

Blake is a true treasure to the beekeeping and conservation community and is a well of knowledge to our Hives for Heroes NewBEE's and Mentors. We want to thank him for choosing to serve alongside us and for allowing us to continue our mission of saving bees and saving vets.

Brandi Peasley, Board of Advisors

Colonel Brandi Peasley is a natural leader, self-propelled, and quick on the uptake. The Hives for Heroes organization has been courting her expertise for some time now as she is highly decorated in the military and on active reserve. She experiences the bees almost daily at the TechnipFMC apiary. Brandi has more credentials than can be listed here; however, we hope to capture the impressiveness of this woman here.

Brandi is from Cocoa, Florida. In 1994, she graduated from the United States Military Academy with a B.S. in Leadership and a minor in Systems Engineering. Post-graduation, Peasley branched U.S. Army Transportation Corps, In July 2022, Brandi became the Deputy Commanding Officer for the 75th Innovation Command, headquartered in Houston, TX, and still holds this title.

She leads the Technip FMC Facilities and Workplace Experience Team and is the President of TechnipFMC's Veterans Employee Resource Group, VALOR; President, United States Military Academy, Class of 1994; and an Advisory Council Member, West Point Association of Graduates.

Her goals for Hives for Heroes are to strategically aid in helping the organization expand and to connect as many veterans as possible to beekeepers globally. In addition, she will focus on helping develop processes to support the expansion of the organization and to help connect with agencies, companies, and leaders that believe in the mission and the benefits to Veterans and our local communities.

Brandi is married to Mark Peasley, a retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, and they call Houston, TX home. They enjoy spending time with Mark's children, Olivia, a schoolteacher, Evan, an Army Special Forces Officer, and their four-legged children, Cocoa and Scout. We are beyond grateful for this incredible woman's innovative mind and leadership. Thank you for your service, leadership and for helping Hives for Heroes continue the mission of saving bees and saving vets.

Brett Harmeling, Board of Advisors

Brett came to Hives for Heroes through a friendship while completing his professional MBA from Rice University - Jones Graduate School of Business with HFH founder, Steve Jimenez. His alignment with the mission of helping people connect and find purpose through nature and holistic paths is the cloth from which he was cut.

Born and raised in a small Dutch village in Oostburg, Wisconsin, Brett grew up surrounded by nature. He is married to Lucia and together, they are raising a baby boy in Houston, Texas. As a family, they strive to live consistently in gratitude and service.

Besides the MBA from Rice University, Brett has degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Carthage College. He has worked for and aided many unique enterprises spanning the tech, wellness, real estate, specialty chemicals, intelligence, and finance industries which have allowed him a breadth of experience and deeply rooted connections.

His goals for Hives for Heroes are to open the aperture of possibility and impact the organization's potential on a global scale through partnerships with enterprises that share the same goals in team building, conservation, and serving the veteran community.

Brett practices and teaches Yoga and is a 10-year, 500-hour master who regularly travels, loves scuba diving, and fishing. He is a dog-lover, new beekeeper, and outdoorsman. He has visited 56 countries and loves unconventional cultural experiences. His interests lie beyond this as he continually strives to help people unlock their full potential through energy optimization, movement, and biohacking.

We are deeply grateful for the impact Brett has had and continues to instill on Hives for Heroes. His love of people and natural wellness is at the root of our organization.

Charlie McMaster, Connection Director

Army veteran and master problem-solver, Charles "Charlie" McMaster is a tremendous asset to Hives for Heroes and the entire Bee conservation community. In his 30-years of service to the U.S. Army, he served in Communications, Information Technology/Security and Program Management. His final military assignment was as the Director of the Central Technical Support Facility, Fort Hood, Texas, where he led a military/civilian workforce executing rapid physical and technical integration and interoperability in a System of Systems (SoS) environment providing comprehensive testing, configuration control, SoS level training programs and deployed Digital Systems Engineers (DSEs) to forces worldwide.

Since his departure from the service, he has supported the Joint Modernization Command, Fort Bliss as a Systems Engineer and as a Program Manager at Fort Hood for the Distributed Common Ground Station-Army for the systems Fielding, Training and Logistics support requirements.

Charlie is a graduate of the University of Vermont, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts, Shippensburg University, Master of Public Administration and the Army War College, Master of Strategic Studies.

Charlie has been beekeeping for over six years in Copperas Cove, Texas. He devotes much of his time as a member of the Board of Directors for the Texas Beekeepers Association and is our very own Connections Director at Hives for Heroes. His job with HfH is so important as he is the main resource for connecting our NewBEE's and Mentors nation-wide, which is no simple task. We admire and appreciate this incredible man for his service to our Country and his impeccable volunteer work. You might see Charlie at bee events around Texas, so don't be shy if you meet him - he is a wealth of information! Thank you, Charlie, for your very important work with Hives for Heroes.

George Stovall, Board of Advisors

U.S. Army Veteran Robert "George" Stovall is an all-American servant of his country. Growing up in the hills of Virginia, he developed a love of the outdoors and began hunting and fishing as a young boy. George wanted to see more of the world, enticing him to serve his country. He took a tour in Korea and also had some assignments stateside. When he left the military, he pursued higher education and received a BS in Geology from the University of Montana and an MS in Geophysics from Virginia Tech.

George worked in the oil industry, starting with a major oil company and moving to Meridian Oil/Burlington Resources. In 2007, George and a handful of colleagues combined talents and formed a small company now known as Oasis Petroleum. In 2010, the Oasis team rang the opening bell on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange! In 2013, George retired from the oil industry but has not slowed down.

In 2015, George wanted to continue giving back and found an opportunity to support our nation's heroes when he began hosting excursions on his Lockhart Mountain Ranch with Combat Marine Outdoors. To date, over 50 warriors have enjoyed the solitude and natural beauty of the Ranch. What an incredible service he is providing to our nation's heroes!

George and his wife, Carrell live in Cypress but spend about half of their time in Llano, Texas, on their Ranch. Together, they have two children. John Robert, their son, was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in May of 2022. Their daughter, Jane, is a senior at the University of Texas Austin.

Saving Bees and Saving Vets with people like George gives us guidance and hope for the future! Our hearts are full with George and his family and the sacrifices they make for the mission of Hives for Heroes and veterans nationwide. Thank you!

Julie Norman, Board of Advisors

Julie Norman, a passionate Texas Beekeeper and owner of Winding Creek Apiary Bee Supply, has been dedicated to the beekeeping community for nine years. Her love for bees bloomed from a small curiosity to a way of life. A mother and grandmother, she has been on a quest to better the community through outreach and education. She enthusiastically jumps at the opportunity to teach the youngest of potential beekeepers and learns from the most experienced old-timers, to give others the opportunity to heal using beekeeping and provide the means to do so.

Kelly Jordan, Board of Advisors

Kelly Jordan is a treasure to the beekeeping community. He has been beekeeping for 19 years and is the owner of Old Security Farms, LLC. His love for bees and beekeeping has generated 600 hives on his farm that are ready to service the greater Houston area. He is a native of the area and is a loyal steward to the territory.

Kelly is a father and grandfather. His career was at Halliburton as a Drilling Fluids Engineer for more than 22 years. He is a former volunteer firefighter and is passionate about serving his community and helping fellow military and first responders.

Kelly is a great teacher and full of knowledge about bees, and the bee community. We are grateful to have him on our board for his incredible comprehension and loyal service to the bees and the veteran community. 

Robert Irving, Board of Advisors

Robert Irving is the Vice President for Summit Fire, a devout Texas A&M University alumni and fan, and a patriot by heart. Robert is no stranger to leadership and is seasoned in helping build businesses by developing high-performing teams. Robert is continually growing a network through learning, moving forward, and forever being a member of the Texas A&M University system.

Born in East Texas, Hemphill to be exact, he owns some rental properties and teaches a few classes at Texas A&M. His experience in building teams and managing all business development facets makes him an ideal asset to Hives for Heroes. His leadership skills, love of Country and those who serve and have served are helping us continue to achieve our goals of connecting veterans through relationships with purpose.

Robert is married to the beauty pictured and and together, they are spoiling a precious Bavarian Mountain Hound (If you need a boost today, we included a "good boy" picture for your enjoyment).

In his spare time, Robert enjoys flying, investing, podcasting, exercising, reading, and outdoor activity.

Robert's goal for Hives for Heroes is to help grow the apiary side of service. With that goal comes the ultimate objective of employing veterans. We appreciate this man and his goals for the organization so that we can continue connecting veterans, saving bees, and assisting with a healthy transition from service.

Stan Gore, Board of Advisors

To know bees and beekeeping in Texas is to know Stan Gore. A native Texan, Stan served in the U.S. Air Force and is a Vietnam Veteran. He now lives in Brenham with his wife, Bev. He has over 100 hives of his own in four different counties, where he not only manages the hives but grafts and makes a few queens. His beekeeping journey started while watching his grandfather work hives in Montana, where he lived for 20 years.

He owns the Texas Honey Bee Rescue, where he helps fellow beekeepers, experienced and not, with bee issues. He rescues swarms and boxes them for nurturing. Part of this process is mentoring and training new beekeepers and teaching them how to keep the bees alive and healthy. According to studies, 80% of new beekeepers give up after only three years. Stan's goal is to decrease that percentage a little at a time.

Stan is on the Executive Board of the Texas Beekeepers Association and a teacher at Bee Events and also owns Honking Goose Video Media.
Stan is also the owner, administrator, and "Chief Goober" of Texas Friendly Beekeepers with over 7,600 members on Facebook! This busy and dynamic group page is a friendly-only space where people can hang out and talk about bees. The goals are to educate, equip, and encourage new and old beekeepers. There is no trash talk allowed on the page to promote kindness and keep a high level of comfortability. The strict "friendly-only" guidelines allow bee folk to share their glories and mistakes openly to encourage group learning. Stan's love of beekeeping is a calling and a passion, much more than a hobby. "He is a Disciple of Christ disguised as a beekeeper."

We are passionate about Stan's love of bees and people. His vision for Hives for Heroes is his everyday motto - to educate, equip, and encourage veterans and civilians. Our deepest gratitude goes to this treasure of a bee-conservationist as we attempt to emulate his passion for bees and humans.

Steve Jimenez, Founder and CEO

Hives for Heroes is the brainchild and heartfelt passion of its founder and CEO, Steve Jimenez. As a leader, Steve empowers his team and fellow Hives for Heroes community through a purpose-driven life guided by the gentle hand he wishes he had received as he made his way back into society after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. As a veteran, Steve has a direct understanding and empathy for our heroes who want and need assistance with their journey after serving. His transition into society was positively influenced by honeybees and their therapeutic ability to help calm and provide focus.

Steve is a Houston entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Texas A&M "Aggie" devoted to his three beautiful daughters and passionately committed to bettering our shared community. Steve is often described as a joyful professional solver of problems and did just that as a business consultant for Fortune 50 businesses upon return from Operation Enduring Freedom. Steve holds a Sociology degree from Texas A&M University, a Master's degree from the Naval Postgraduate School, and an MBA from Rice University. He is one of Houston Business Journal's 2021 "40 under 40" and remains grateful to further meaningful connections through the Texas Business Hall of Fame as a Future Texas Legend Awardee.

Hives for Heroes is a veteran service organization operating throughout the United States and multiple countries to create purpose and connection through beekeeping. We want to thank Steve for his guidance and support of our veterans, beekeepers, and team.

Tom McGuinness, Board of Advisors

Tom discovered Hives for Heroes through a personal connection and close friend who found HFH in his own research while working through PTSD related issues.

Tom was born in North Dakota, but has lived in Texas for sixty years. Tom and his wife have five children and eight grandchildren. They also have three beloved dogs and a fourth "long-term visitor shelter dog." They have a ranch with world-class axis deer along with other native species and is home to a multi-hive bee complex housed in caves in a limestone rock face on the property!

Tom takes great pride in assisting those who have served our country and honors their service in many facets of his life, including servicing Hives for Heroes.

Tom is one of the founding partners of Reimer McGuinness Hess, P.C., a CPA firm in Houston. He is a University of Houston graduate. He works closely with businesses and non-profit organizations.

Tom is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts and is an advisory board member of several Veteran assistance organizations; Combat Marine Outdoors (an entity assisting disabled servicemen and women in getting back into the outdoors to hunt, fish and network) and most recently Hives For Heroes.

In his spare time (if that's even possible!), Tom enjoys time with family, ranching, hunting, fishing, reading, and wine tasting.

We know two things; Tom is incredible and we are BEYOND GRATEFUL that he is part of the Hives for Heroes organization!

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