Board of Advisors

Colonel Brandi Peasley is a natural leader, self-propelled, and quick on the uptake. The Hives for Heroes organization has been courting her expertise for some time now as she is highly decorated in the military and on active reserve. She experiences the bees almost daily at the TechnipFMC apiary. Brandi has more credentials than can be listed here; however, we hope to capture the impressiveness of this woman here.

Brandi is from Cocoa, Florida. In 1994, she graduated from the United States Military Academy with a B.S. in Leadership and a minor in Systems Engineering. Post-graduation, Peasley branched U.S. Army Transportation Corps, In July 2022, Brandi became the Deputy Commanding Officer for the 75th Innovation Command, headquartered in Houston, TX, and still holds this title.

She leads the Technip FMC Facilities and Workplace Experience Team and is the President of TechnipFMC’s Veterans Employee Resource Group, VALOR; President, United States Military Academy, Class of 1994; and an Advisory Council Member, West Point Association of Graduates.

Her goals for Hives for Heroes are to strategically aid in helping the organization expand and to connect as many veterans as possible to beekeepers globally. In addition, she will focus on helping develop processes to support the expansion of the organization and to help connect with agencies, companies, and leaders that believe in the mission and the benefits to Veterans and our local communities.

Brandi is married to Mark Peasley, a retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, and they call Houston, TX home. They enjoy spending time with Mark’s children, Olivia, a schoolteacher, Evan, an Army Special Forces Officer, and their four-legged children, Cocoa and Scout. We are beyond grateful for this incredible woman’s innovative mind and leadership. Thank you for your service, leadership and for helping Hives for Heroes continue the mission of saving bees and saving vets.